About Us

The new Pop-Ins of Arizona, Inc. is the combination of 2 exceptional family owned businesses; Lack’s Cleaning Service, Inc. and Pop-Ins of Arizona, Inc. Pop-Ins of Arizona has been providing superior home cleaning services across the valley for over 30 years. Lack’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is a quality floor cleaning company that’s been in the valley for over 17 years, with another 18 years of experience cleaning floors in North Dakota. Our 2 companies have been working side by side for the past 5 years to offer our customers an expanded range of services. It just made sense to join them together into 1 amazing company offering you a suite of services to meet your home cleaning needs!

We continue to be a local, family owned and operated Christian business that believes in providing you with exceptional service; from the front office to our field technicians. We believe you deserve to have a sparkling clean, healthy home without having to waste hours and hours of your valuable time doing it. With our many years of experience, we’ve learned how to give you the very best cleaning experience without breaking the bank. Our trustworthy staff is fully screened and qualified for your protection. Their commitment to providing you with quality cleaning services coupled with our extensive training programs insure your home cleaning services are consistent and hassle-free.

For the Lack’s family, providing you with exceptional service is more than a job, it’s a way of life!

Why us?

Why should you pick us over the competition? Your home is important to you. We understand that it’s critical that you can trust the person coming into your home. That’s why we hire for the long term. We don’t hire seasonal workers or temporary staff. Every single one of our employees must pass an extensive background check as well as drug testing. We also have a rigorous training program that they must pass before they’re allowed out in the field.

We take responsibility for our employees and their actions. That’s why our company policies are designed to help minimize risk and abuse, not to avoid responsibility.

Our company is insured and bonded for your protection. Cleaning companies that subcontract their work or sole proprietors, otherwise known as “independents”, typically don’t have insurance coverage. Did you know that if an uninsured cleaning technician is injured in your home you are 100% liable for their medical expenses and their loss of income?! That could equate to thousands of dollars out of your pocket!

We want to completely WOW you with your cleaning experience, and we understand your expectations might be unique to you. That’s why we keep extensive notes for every home we clean. We want to make sure we never lose sight of what you’re looking for in a cleaning service. However, as hard as we try to make sure every cleaning is absolutely perfect, we are human and understand that’s just not realistic. We believe in open, honest communication between our front office, our cleaning technicians and you so if there’s ever anything that’s not right please call us within 24 hours and we’ll send someone out to fix it.