upholstery cleaning service


Has your upholstery become dull and dingy from years of use?
Not only does the fabric on your favorite couch or recliner absorb the oils from your skin, it also acts like a filter, much like your carpet, trapping those dusts and allergens deep inside.

Upholstery cleaning is very important to helping your furniture last longer. You’ll notice the soil first on the the arm and head rests. The oils left behind from your body will start to attract soil and airborne particles. If left untreated the fabric will start to wear down and become weaker. The longer that a soiled area goes untreated the more likely it is to become a permanent stain. A good rule of thumb is that your favorite pieces of furniture that you use on a daily basis should get cleaned about once a year to maintain appearance and longevity. Upholstery will trap all the things in the air in there fibers like an air filter such as pollution, smoke, allergens, car emissions, etc. So the best way to help keep your indoor air quality up is proper maintenance. In that regard, upholstery cleaning is just as important as carpet cleaning. Just like with carpet, we’ll use the big truck mounted cleaning machines and a certified green clean product that is hypo allergenic, dye free, pet and baby safe to properly clean your furniture.

How does Pop-In’s get such great results?

Our same truck mount steam cleaning equipment can remove all of those oils and particles from your furniture just like it does from your carpet helping your furniture look like brand new again!