carpet cleaning service


Have you noticed your carpet looks dull and dingy?
Your carpet acts like a big filter. Air flows through your carpet and all of the dust and pollutants in the air gets trapped in your carpet. Regular vacuuming helps, but the only thing that will truly remove those nasty particles from your carpet is professional carpet cleaning.

Spot Free Warranty*

For One Full Year (90 days on Carpet Protector Package) from the time of your cleaning, if you cannot remove a spot using the professional spot remover that we give you, we will come out at NO CHARGE and treat it for FREE.
We will perform this service up to 3 times (one time for Carpet Protector Package).

Exclusions: Stains caused by pets, bleach, benzoil peroxide or other corrosives, Kool-Aid, mustard, ink, fruit punch or food dyes, stains of a repetitive nature.


There is a minimum charge of $125.00 per job regard-less of the cleaning package selected.

  • Dye transfer stain removal- $25 and up
  • Pet odor- varies on severity and process applied $35 and up
  • Carpet repairs- varies on required service $35 and up